Soa stands for:

  • The Soa Basin
  • Soa (Flores ) is a town named after the Soa Basin
  • Soa ( Chiefdom ), a traditional administrative region in Sierra Leone, West Africa

SOA stands for:

  • Service-oriented architecture, management and software architecture concept
  • Sarbanes -Oxley Act, U.S. law for mandatory regulation of corporate reporting, but it is used more and more frequently the abbreviation SOX
  • School of the Americas, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, Training Camp of the U.S. Army
  • Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, English for semiconductor optical amplifier
  • Siege of Avalon, computer role-playing game
  • Speed ​​of advance, see Speed ​​over ground
  • Start of Authority, a component DNS zone file, see SOA Resource Record
  • Stimulus onset asynchrony - time interval in neuroscience, see Psychological refractory period
  • Southeast Asia, part of the Asian continent
  • Safe Operating Area, safe operating area of a transistor

S.O.A. stands for:

  • State of Alert, one of the first hardcore punk bands
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