Social media marketing (from the English for marketing through social media, abbreviated SMM) is a term from the advertising industry. He describes advertising on social networking sites. Instead of making products on television or billboards known uses social media marketing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to individually target prospective customers and to bind to the brand.

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The growth of social media since around 2005 has a large influence on the communication, the companies and their (potential) customers. Since it allow the social media, not only to communicate with other participants, but also to interact, the social media marketing helps to achieve network affine early adopters and opinion leaders, for example, in Twitter have particularly high numbers of followers. About this way individual products or brands can be advertised. Also artists or politicians use the marketing through social media to increase their "image " and its visibility. Social media marketing is relatively inexpensive and can with similar software tools play on the same range of platforms to set up marketing campaigns. The companies get in this way also more direct feedback from their target market than about TV advertising.

The public relations using social media is called social media relations. One of their instruments are social media releases, social media so scattered Press Releases. These measures are often bundled in a Social Media Newsroom.

When social media marketing among others the following strategies are used: Viral marketing, building its own community of interested parties, for example through a blog or forum, social media monitoring ( sentiment and campaign analysis), content optimization (Social Media Optimization) - Improvement of discoverability of content on a website, expert knowledge - building reputation as an expert in a field of knowledge, gathering information and knowledge, customer contact - pure presence through to intensive interaction with users, latest news - publication date, appropriate messages, build a good online reputation ( reputation), events in the social networks.

The development and implementation of strategies can be done through specialized social media or " seeding " agencies that have a network of opinion leaders to spread promotional messages to targeted via social media platforms.

Opportunities and risks

Social media marketing offers the marketing of companies and celebrities both opportunities and risks. Fast and cost can be a wide audience and addressed a connection between company and customer are achieved. After a low-threshold commitment of the customer with a mouse click, the corporate messages regularly appear on the screen of the target group. As attractive as this is for the advertising industry, however, it poses the risk of running out of control, since opinions on the Internet do not necessarily correspond to those of the company but become independent uncontrollable. Easily may arise on the web and harm the image of a brand or a company or a person and negative opinions. This can also be a chance for companies to address the criticism and work on their image.


Different companies have now taken the path to social media - some successful, others less successful. The key to success was the attitude, not act as a faceless company. As part of the social media marketing customers expect authenticity, transparency and trustworthy information.

Twitter in social media marketing

Microblogging, as it is practiced in Twitter, can be, in spite of the based on the principles of Web 2.0 architecture, use for wooing communication as a classic one- to-many communication. The service Twitter is a tool in social media marketing, which is well suited to make content for search engines easily visible. Due to the high attractiveness of social networks for Google Twitter messages will be ranked higher than, say, a normal content websites. Also, because this form of communication is easily accessible for mobile, Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, is pleased Twitter marketing very popular.

Best Practice


Dell offers with its Direct2Dell blog a strong presence in the blogs. Besides the possibility for bloggers to gather information about Dell -related topics, this community Dell support at a sustained image improvement. The number of negative blogs fell to 22 percent since the start of the page by 49 percent. Reason for this positive development is the fact that Dell manages to get into direct contact with their customers and take their immediate concerns, comments and questions to consider.


Specialising in coffee products and international retail company Starbucks serves a variety of social media offers. They include, inter alia, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and their own corporate blog " My Starbucks Idea ". Starbucks is seen as the company with one of the best social media strategies. Its activities are aimed at the needs, desires and preferences of their customers and encourage customer loyalty in the whole and in the context of customer acquisition. Even critics of Starbucks make use of social media strategies.

Worst practice


Nestlé is taken vehemently by environmentalists under attack. This culminated " twitstorm " in an attack on Nestlé via Facebook and on Twitter. In addition, a video was posted on YouTube, which strongly criticized Nestlé due to the continuous use of palm oil and the destruction of the rainforest. Nestlé responded conceivable unhappy to criticism and was deemed to have begun comments with reference to the use of a modified Kitkat logo ( "killer" ) to delete, this was considered by many users to censorship. Finally, the group apologized to the Facebook users.


Walmart refused an open dialogue to its customers. In the fear of negative comments and resonances they trimmed the comments on her blog. Resulted in several negative comments and posts. Next followed Wal- Mart itself is not their own core competencies. So you went to the Facebook page in vain for its slogan "Save Money. Live Better. "Instead, they focused on " Fashion " and " Style ".