Socialist League (Germany)

The Socialist Federation ( SB) was established in 1908 by Gustav Landauer, Erich difficulty, Martin Buber, Margarethe Faas - Hardegger and others and was a union of locally organized communities, which should provide a picture of future socialism. Landauer put the statutes of SB firmly into twelve articles. The main objective was the preparation of a new order of freedom by means of settlement -ups. The covenant was based on craftsmanship, intellectual and artistic activity, an association was based on the principles of autonomy and free association with other groups and with the idea linked to " pass through segregation to the community ." The concept of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon combined idea of ​​mutualism with the philosophy of decentralization of Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin and Ebenezer Howard, so there was no central instance. At the beginning of World War II 1913/14, failed of up to 800 members strong Socialist Bund and remained meaningless as a political organization.

From 1909 to 1915, the journal The Socialist was published as the organ of the Socialist Federal Gustav Landauer in Berlin.