Socialist Left Party (Norway)

The Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV ) ( German: Socialist Left Party ) is a Norwegian party, which was established in 1975 from the Sosialistisk Folkeparti (German Socialist People's Party ). One aspect in this new foundation was more to influence the policies of the ruling Social Democrats socialist. In 1977, the merger with parts of the Communist Party.

The SV stands on the political spectrum to the left of the Labour Party. It sees itself as a red- green party. EU membership in Norway is rejected: The European Union is remote and weak democracy, befördere a neo-liberal economic order and was not altogether consistent with the goals and values ​​of socialism.

From October 2005 to 2013, the SV was formed with the Socialist Workers Party and the centrist - green center party, the Norwegian Government.

Party presidency

For March 10, 2012, the election of a new party leader was in order. After recommendation from the Electoral Commission initially indicated from a crucial vote between children and Equality Minister Audun Lysbakken and the local political spokesman Heikki Holmas. Holmas announced his candidacy but later. Unopposed to Lysbakken presented for election, although he had to resign just days before the congress of his ministerial position.

Election results to the Storting since 1973