Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l'Est de la France

SANEF ( Société des autoroutes du Nord et de l' Est de la France ) is a French company with headquarters in Issy -les -Moulineaux, Hauts -de -Seine department, which manages the motorways in northeastern France.

2012 earned more than 3,580 employees generated sales of 1.51 billion euros.

The network of SANEF

The network of SANEF has a total length of 1743 km. Thus, it is not very long, the third largest of all French motorway companies.

It consists of:

  • The A 1 (Paris - Lille)
  • A 2 ( A1 ( Peronne ) - Valenciennes - Brussels, Belgium more than A7)
  • The A4 ( Paris - Strasbourg)
  • The A 16 from Boulogne -sur -Mer to nord de Paris
  • A26 from Calais to Troyes -Nord.
  • The A 29 from Neufchatel -en- Bray to Saint- Quentin on Amiens

In addition, the " Société des Autoroutes Paris -Normandie " a part of the company SANEF.


On 14 December 2005 the French Government decided to sell the SANEF to the Spanish Abertis group. The actual transfer took place on 3 February 2006.