Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois

The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL ) is the national railway company of Luxembourg. She is active in the area mainly for passenger transport by rail in Luxembourg. Cross-border connections are mostly covered by the railway companies of neighboring countries: German railway, SNCF, SNCB. The CFL also operates nearly 30 national bus lines.

In the road freight transport is, as an independent company, the CFL Cargo operates; it cooperates internationally with CD Cargo, DB Schenker Rail, Green Cargo, Rail Cargo Austria, SBB Cargo and SNCB Logistics Xrail in the newly founded association. Container traffic is driven over CFL Multimodal. About Lorry- Rail S. A. is operated according to Le Boulou near Perpignan international rail road connection from Bettemburg from.

The staff of the CFL includes 3,200 people. The employees of the railway company are in the state association, unionized in Syprolux or in neutral Zuchpersonal Association.

The CFL is one of 92% of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Kingdom of Belgium to 6% and 2% of the French Republic.


The fare structure is relatively simple. There is next to season tickets are essentially two different offers:

  • The short-term ticket ( Kuerzzäitbilljee ) for 2 - € per person ( the pack of ten € 16 ), valid for either two hours a day - also valid for the return trip within these two hours.
  • A day ticket ( Dagesbilljee ) for the whole network of CFL for € 4.00 ( the five-pack - Carnet - 16 €) per person, valid on the day on which the card has been canceled until the next day at 8 clock.

These tickets are also valid in the bus the rest of the Luxembourg transport companies ( AVL - Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg, RGTR - Régime Général des Transports Routiers, TICE - Syndicat des Tramways Intercommunaux dans le Canton d' Esch).

The usual ticket of paper are to be replaced in the future all the way through the electronic ticket system e-go.

Trips to the Luxembourg border tariff points are settled through a kilometer-based fare, since the stated tickets are valid only up to the last station in Luxembourg and by Audun -le- Tiche and Volmerange- les -Mines in France and Athus in Belgium. There is also the VRT a transitional tariff. There are day tickets (zone tariff and network cards) as well as weekly and monthly passes available.

In addition to monthly tickets ( ÖKOPASS ) and season tickets there also exist special ticket as the ticket SaarLorLux and time-limited offers.

For young people up to the age of 20 there is a specific offer the Jumbokaart and for people aged 60 years Seniorekaart. This card allows the holder to unlimited to use the rail network and bus services. It is valid for twelve months and costs 75 €.

Children up to twelve years (maximum four children) accompanied by an adult who is in possession of a valid ticket to travel free of charge.

Vehicle material

The rolling stock of CFL is Europe on average the most modern style, and on all trains of CFL runs around the clock with a train conductor. Are used modern push-pull trains consisting of double-decker cars of the manufacturer Bombardier, which are moved by locomotives of Bombardier TRAXX series. In addition, there are a number slightly older and modern EMUs. Since in Luxembourg the whole railway network of passenger transport is electrified today, there should be no diesel-powered passenger trains more principle. However, the connection Luxembourg -Trier is served about half of DB Regio southwest. Since this does not have adequate Luxembourg for electric vehicles, it is a diesel railcar class 628. Two of these vehicles set the CFL one yourself. Non- electrified are just a few short sections. For this reason the CFL still uses some diesel locomotives. The Luxembourg railway company CFL ordered eight new double-deck trainsets type Stadler KISS for future operation as of December 2014, the RE 1 between Koblenz and Luxembourg.

See also: Locomotives and traction units in Luxembourg


Modern electric locomotive in the CFL (Bombardier TRAXX )

CFL- 3000 series in Ettelbruck Station

Alstom Coradia Duplex SNCF (left) and CFL (right) at Luxembourg station

A modern double -deck driving coach the CFL

CFL- bus

BB 907 in Luxembourg (City ), 1988

NOHAB CFL in 1604 Goebelsmühle

CC in 1820 in Luxembourg (City ), 1988

An older EMUs ( Series 2000 ) of the CFL

Diesel railcar 212 in Wiltz, 1989

Pictures of Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois