Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (also: The Roman Society) is a British company which has the aim to promote the study of Rome and the Roman world. This includes history, archeology, literature and art history of Italy and the Roman Empire. Here, the period of the prehistory of Italy until the end of the 7th century account of our time and covered all areas of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Society was founded in 1910 as a sister organization since 1879 existing Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and has its seat like this in the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London. Both companies share a library containing about 128,000 books, 660 periodicals and 6,700 slides on the history of the Greek and Roman world and one of the major lending libraries of classical antiquity studies with the Joint Library. Institute and library are located in the Senate House of the University.

The Society promotes through various initiatives, the study of the Roman world. The most important means here is the publication of scientific journals and monographs. Since 1911, every year, which specializes in the archeology of Roman Britain magazine Britannia appears The Journal of Roman Studies, since 1970. Both magazines since 1981, supplemented by monographic series - the Journal of Roman Studies Monographs, and the Britannia Monographs.

In addition, the Roman Society organizes readings and lectures, excursions to archaeological sites and museums, and invites every two years to the Roman Archaeology Conference. They support schools financially in the instructional design topics of the Roman world, aligns summer academies and awards prizes for outstanding undergraduate work. Furthermore, it promotes excavations, including through scholarships for high school students.

The members of the Roman Society come from various sectors of society and from over forty countries. The current President is Andrew Burnett. Honorary members include Werner Eck, Emilio Gabba, Anthony T. Grafton, Erich S. Gruen, Paul Zanker.