Society of St. Paul

The Society of St. Paul the Apostle (Latin: Societas a Sancto Paulo Apostolo, religious symbol: SSP) is a Roman Catholic institute of consecrated life for men and women.

History and Mission

With the establishment of the company ( brothers and priests ), on 20 August 1914 by the Italian priest Blessed Giacomo Alberione, adopted the " Pauline Family " its beginning, today consists of various religious institutions and secular institutes. The Church's approval was for the Daughters of St. Paul on June 27, 1949 by Pope Pius XII. Today the brothers, priests and nuns are represented on all continents in over 30 countries. In Germany there is a branch in Munich. The objective of the Company is the ' proclamation and spread of the Gospel through mass media " and live and work in the light of Pauline theology. Since 2004, Silvio Fausto is the Superior General of the Order.

The Paul Family

The Paul family refers to the name of the Apostle Paul of Tarsus, the attributes as the book and the sword will add. Under the roof of the Paul family of five religious institutes and four secular institutes are combined, these include:

Religious Institutes

  • The Daughters of St. Paul ( Congregation Filiarum Sancti Pauli, religious symbol: FSP ) form the Congregation of the women, it was founded in 1915. Her responsibilities include the proclamation of the Gospel through mass media, for the apostle Paul of Tarsus is also the patron of the Catholic press.
  • The Pauline employees ( Associazione dei Cooperatori Paolini ) was founded in 1918. In this community, laity and priests are located, they are involved in the spread of the Gospel through the media with. Your first received recognition the founding group in 1917 by Bishop Giuseppe Francesco Re Alba.
  • The Sisters of the Divine Master ( Piae Discipulae Divini magistri, religious symbol: PDDM ) were established in 1924. You are an international women's orders, maintain the church singing and fully align artistic works, sacred devices for priests and liturgy.
  • The Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd ( Suore di Gesù Buon Pastore, religious symbol: SJBP ) are also under the name, " Pastor Elle - Shepherdess " known. The international women's congregation was founded in 1938. The sisters work primarily in the parishes, in catechesis and pastoral training employees.
  • The Sisters of the Queen of Apostles ( Suore Apostoline ) was founded in 1959 and is the youngest religious order in the Paul family. They are dedicated to the promotion of spiritual occupations, lead retreats and by working with modern means of communication. Your target audience is primarily young people.

Secular Institutes

  • The Secular Institute of Priests Association ( Istituto Gesù Sacerdote, Abbreviation: IGS) was founded in 1959. It is an association of diocesan priests, they shall, with the promise of the evangelical counsels off and want to live by their pastoral action in following Jesus Christ.
  • The Secular Institute of the Annunciation ( Istituto Maria Santissima Annunziata, Abbreviation: IMSA ) was founded in 1960. It is an organization of women who live in their professions. They live in the spirit of their vow of poverty, chastity and obedience in faith.
  • The Secular Institute of St. Archangel Gabriel ( Istituto San Gabriele Arcangelo ) was founded in 1960. In it, men who live in their world of work and do not want to enter a religious institute gather. They are under the spiritual guidance of Paules Fathers and put a vow to celibacy, poverty and obedience.
  • The Holy Family Secular Institute (Instituto Sancta Famiglia ) was founded in 1960 and is a community of married couples. It is within the Paul family, the last Founding Father Alberione. The members live in their families and put a pair of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience from.