Socket F


Socket F is a CPU socket AMD Opteron processor for the series as well as for desktop processors Quad FX series. The base F has 1207 contacts in land-grid - array design. The base F is the successor of the base 940 in the server area.

The Socket F support as a new technology in addition to DDR2 SDRAM also processors with virtualization technology AMD -V. Three 16- bit HyperTransport links to connect other processors or for IO operation (I / O ) are present.

The base F has been introduced in 2006 as a standard base for servers and high-end workstations, and should in the longer term, together with the Socket AM2 for mainstream PCs and notebooks S1 for a stable base for the respective PC categories. He was later also used in the short-lived Quad FX platform in high-end applications for desktop processors.

In mid-2010 the Socket F was replaced by Socket C32 and G34 socket.

Revisions of the base F

All revisions except base Fr3 need registered DDR2 SDRAM. All revisions except the first set is mandatory for a dual -plane power supply.

  • Three HyperTransport links 2.x with 1GHz
  • Three HyperTransport links 2.x with 1GHz, unbuffered DDR2 SDRAM (special version for the Quad FX platform)
  • CPU: Three HyperTransport links 3.x with 2.2 GHz
  • Motherboard: A HyperTransport 3.x Link 2.2 GHz for communication between processors, two HT links 2.x with 1GHz for I / O operations
  • Three HyperTransport links 3.x with 2.4 GHz, support for snoop filter ( HT Assist )

Processor Compatibility