Sodalitium Pianum

The Sodalitium Pianum, dt " pianische Sodality " French also called La Sapinière ( " pine forest ", because of the onomatopoeic similarity), was an existing 1909-1921 anti- modernist priest Association.

Founder and leader of the group was the Roman priest Monsignor Umberto Benigni, a church historian and senior staff member of the Curia. The network had about 50 members in Italy and France; in Germany belonged to her only two chaplains. Named after Pope Pius V, the Sodality made ​​the task of theologians and priests who were suspicious of modernism, to observe and, if necessary, to display with the authorities of the Roman Curia.

Pope Saint Pius X approved of this practice, even though he always sought to respect the rest, the rights of the bishops. Secretary of State Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val was the activities towards more skeptical, as suspected for a long time. The anti-modernist measures symptom of the defensive attitude of the Catholic Church before the outbreak of the First World War, was in 1914 by Pope Benedict XV. prevented. The association was founded in 1921 and formally dissolved.