Softlanding Linux System

Soft Landing Linux System (SLS ) was the first comprehensive Linux distribution that contained more than just the Linux kernel and basic applications: in addition to GNU / Linux features, there were also programs like the X Window System and TCP / IP. It was compiled in 1992 by Peter MacDonald and available for testing on 15 August 1992. It was originally planned for an extent of 15 disks, but grew over time to more than 30 disks. Interested without any broadband network connection could therefore also order a CD.

SLS was initially known distribution. Because of the many errors of the Linux community but was always dissatisfied with it. Two of her biggest critics were Ian Murdock and Patrick Volkerding. Murdock's frustration let him raise the Debian project off the ground, while Volkerding decided to eliminate the problems and to expand SLS. Finally, he gave the name of the resulting distribution Slackware.