Sohag Governorate

The government Sauhadsch (Arabic محافظة سوهاج Muhafazat Sauhādsch, DMG Muhafazat Sawhāǧ, Egyptian- Arabic Sohag or Sōhādsch ) is a governorate in Egypt with 3,746,377 inhabitants and is located in Middle Egypt.

Sauhadsch lies on both sides of the Nile, it is bordered on the north by the Governorate Asyut, on the east by the province al -Bahr al Red Sea, on the south by the Government and to the west by the Qena Governorate al - New Valley. The eastern part of the province extends into the Arabian Desert. The administrative center since 1960 Suhag, before that it was the city Girga and the former name was Girga government.