Sokolnicheskaya Line

The Sokolnicheskaya line (Russian Сокольническая линия / Sokolnicheskaya linija ), also known as "Line 1" or " Red Line ", is the oldest independent line of the Moscow Metro. Her first section was, at the same time, taken the " birthday " of the Moscow metro in operation on 15 May 1935.


  • Ulitsa Podbelskowo ( Улица Подбельского? / I )
  • Tscherkisowskaja ( Черкизовская? / I )
  • Preobraschenskaja Ploshchad ( Преображенская площадь? / I )
  • Sokolniki ( Сокольники? / I )
  • Krasnoselskaya ( Красносельская? / I )
  • Komsomolskaya ( Комсомольская? / I ), to transfer to the same station on the circle line
  • Krasnie Worota ( Красные ворота? / I )
  • Chistye Prudy ( Чистые пруды? / I ), the transit traffic to the stations Turgenevskaya the line 6 and Sretensky Bulvar line 10
  • Lubyanka ( Лубянка? / I ), to transfer to the station Kuznetsky Most of the line 7
  • Ochotny Ryad ( Охотный ряд? / I ), to transfer to the station Teatralnaja line 2 and this also to the station Ploshchad Revolyutsii line 3
  • Biblioteka imeni Lenina ( Библиотека имени Ленина? / I ), the transit traffic to the stations Alexandrovski Sad Line 4 Arbatskaya line 3 and line 9 Borovitskaya
  • Kropotkinskaja ( Кропоткинская? / I )
  • Park Kultury ( Парк Культуры? / I ), to transfer to the same station on the circle line
  • Frunzenskaya ( Фрунзенская? / I )
  • Sportivnaya ( Спортивная? / I )
  • Vorobyovy Gory ( Воробьёвы горы? / I )
  • Uniwersitet ( Университет? / I )
  • Prospectus Wernadskowo ( Проспект Вернадского? / I )
  • Jugo - Sapadnaja ( Юго - Западная? / I )

Depot and vehicles

The line has two depots - which has been in the line opening depot Sewernoje and since 1990 the depot Tscherkisowo. Both run every 7 existing wagons trains an advanced modification of the series 81-717/714 that are delivered for this line since 1996. The depot Sewernoje had seven traits of the older type "E / Em " in operation while the depot Tscherkisowo is already fully equipped since the early 2000s with the new car fleet in 2006. In September 2008, however, the last train of the E family was retired in Sewernoje.



Renaming of stations

The following stations of the line were renamed in the time of their completion:

  • The station was called Krasnie Worota 1962-1986 Lermontowskaja;
  • The station Chistye Prudy was called until 1990 Kirovskaya;
  • The Lubyanka station was called until 1990 Dserschinskaja;
  • The station Ochotny Ryad was 1955-1957 Imeni LMKaganowitscha and 1961-1990 brochure Marxa;
  • The station Kropotkinskaja was called until 1957 Dworez Sovetov;
  • The station Vorobyovy Gory Gory Leninskie was called until 1999.

In addition, the line itself was renamed, and that on November 5, 1990 by " Kirovsko - Frunzenskaya - line " in today's " Sokolnicheskaya line."

Expansion plans

Medium to long term the line should be extended in both directions. To the south east an extension to the district Troparjowo is provided, but this is to prevent an overload of the line, only realized when a well planned new light metro line is completed by Solnzewo. In the ( north- ) easterly direction is a long-term extension to the station Schtscholkowskaja with connection to the Arbatsko - Pokrowskaja line possible.


The lying on the Sokolnicheskaya Biblioteka imeni Lenina station line ( to German: Lenin Library ) is part of the only four - Umsteigeknotens in the Moscow Metro. The further to the southwest lies Vorobyovy Gory station is the only station of the Moscow Metro, which on a bridge directly - here on the Moskva River - lies. Up to this station as well as a small section between the stations Preobraschenskaja Ploshchad Sokolniki and the line is continuous underground.

Interesting is also the Metro Museum in the station Sportivnaya. However, it is difficult to find a small door right next to the exit leads to a staircase, one reaches about the museum on the third floor.