Solar Crisis (film)

Starfire is an American- Japanese science fiction film from the year 1990. Directed by Richard C. Sarafian. The film is based on the book Kuraishisu niju goju - tions, which the Japanese Takeshi Kawata wrote in 1990.


In 2050 the activity of the sun has increased enormously. Heat and severe storms affect life on Earth. As researchers find out that a gigantic solar flare is imminent, which would directly hit the Earth, the project Helios is launched.

The spacecraft Helios to bring the probe close to the Sun Ra quadrants 17 and place the antimatter bomb Freddy there and detonate them where the eruption threatens to arise. Head of Mission, Steve Kelso, Admiral Skeet Kelso, his father is looking for Steve's son Mike, who has escaped from the military academy, to see his father before departure to the sun one last time.

The Group IXL however, does not believe in the StarFire theory and buys all food supplies in order to make huge profits after recovering from crisis. The head of IXL, Arnold Teague, wants the project Helios fails and leaves the biogenic Alex Noffe, a guiding force of the Helios crew and artificially enhanced intelligence reprogram, to sabotage the mission.

Despite several accidents resulting Helios can reach the sun, but the pilot of the probe, Ken Minami, dies while trying to defuse the bomb rigged Freddy. At the last second, Alex Noffe recollects on the task, and is flying the Ra in a kamikaze action in the sun and so can avert the deadly solar flare.

On Earth, had tracked in the desert after it escaped the captors of IXL with the help of the hermit Travis Richards meantime Admiral Kelso 's grandson.


  • The 55- million -US-dollar film was released in the United States directly to video, arrived in Germany, however, for a short time to the movies. Director Richard C. Sarafian was so unhappy that he withdrew his name from the project with the final cut. In the credits the pseudonym Alan Smithee is therefore referred to as a director.
  • The spacecraft and vehicle design comes from the industrial designer Syd Mead.
  • The special effects created in the company Boss Film Corporation, which is the film's producer, Richard Edlund.
  • Starfire was the last film directed by Richard C. Sarafian, he finished after his career as a director. Deran Sarafian His son is also Director ( Terminal Velocity ).


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