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Solwezi is the capital of North West Frontier Province in Zambia, but one fact still the Copperbelt. It has 65,000 inhabitants and is situated at 1,200 meters above sea level. It is the seat of the administration of the district of the same with 203 797 inhabitants ( 2000 census ).


The most important economic sector in Solwezi is copper production of Kansanshi Mining Plc. 14 km outside the city in Kansanshi. Solwezi is now considered poor. The crisis in copper prices on the world market in the 1990s has left here in infrastructure, job opportunities and building activity profound. The majority of the population lives in informal settlements outside the city without electricity and water supply. The connection rate is about 40 percent. Subsistence farming is widespread.


Solwezi has a 1,500 meter long runway, primary and secondary schools and hospitals.


The city consists of two streets, where shops are. There is the built in 1959 St. Daniels Cathedral. Five kilometers from the city center, close to the river Kifubwa the Kifubwa Rock clif ', can be found on the prehistoric rock paintings.