Someone's Watching Me!

The Invisible Eye ( Original Title: Someone's Watching Me ) is a television film directed by John Carpenter. It was produced by Warner Brothers in the Burbank studios and first broadcast on November 29, 1978 on NBC.


The television director Leigh Michaels gets a new job in Los Angeles and is there an apartment in a high-rise building, the " Arkham Tower". Shortly thereafter begins a stranger to tail her. It builds in a skyscraper over a telescope on, follows her with the car and bugged her apartment. In addition, they give to their strange gifts: First, the alleged winning a fake contest, then a telescope and a bikini. Multiple it receives from the stalker also collects anonymous calls. It penetrates more and more into their lives and they also observed at their meetings with the young philosophy lecturer Paul, who is interested in them. She tells Paul of the calls, and gifts, and Paul wants to help her. He thinks about the unknown: "He wants to hurt you without touching you."

One evening she comes with Paul and her friend Sophie home and sees in the house opposite a man with a telescope. The immediately summoned police arrested the man who, it turns out, a former electrician who now works as a gardener. One can show him no offense and has to let him walk again, but it refers to the city.

Leigh still feels threatened and eventually breaks, armed with a knife, in the apartment in the opposite tower block a. Sophie, meanwhile, remains in Leigh's apartment and observed Leigh with the telescope. Suddenly Leigh looks like a person enters their apartment and Sophie strangled. As she hurries back to her apartment, there is no one, not even the corpse Sophie. The hastily summoned police to her trying to explain that nothing happened. Sophie had traveled in truth for two weeks to Fort Worth.

Back in her apartment is Leigh in the bathroom the shower running and written at her bathroom mirror: " No one Believes You" ( No one believes you). After another call of the unknown she tears into a panic by the telephone table and place under the tabletop a bug. Together with Paul it comes to who is the culprit: It must be a man who is part of the maintenance department of the two high-rise buildings. In the city administration finally find a name: Herbert styles. Both find out his address, and Leigh penetrates into his home, where that suspicion is confirmed. When she comes back to her own apartment, she finds there a fake suicide note from him. The goal of Styles is apparently to drive them to madness, until she sees no other way out than to take his life. Finally Styles shows and tries to throw them out the window of her apartment. You can stab him with a shard of glass, he loses his balance and falls into the very essence. Leigh concludes: " You are to come near me."


The film has some references on about Alfred Hitchcock 's masterpiece Rear Window (1954 ), in which also the observation through a telescope (or the telephoto lens of a camera ) plays a central role.


  • The film is the first collaboration Carpenters with Adrienne Barbeau, whom he married in 1979. Later she also played in the Carpenter films The Fog - The Fog (1980) and Escape (1981).
  • Carpenter received for the 1979 film nominated for the Edgar Award in the category " Best Television Feature or Miniseries ."
  • The high-rise buildings shown in the film " Arkham Tower " and " Blake Tower" mean in reality " The Shores " and are in Santa Monica.


The lexicon of the International film described the film as " [e ] ffektvoll staged [n ], very exciting [n ] suspense thriller ," the take over " some of the main themes from the films of Alfred Hitchcock ," but not " the enigmatic " reach.


The film was released on 12 October 2007 on DVD.