Songbird (software)

Songbird (English for Songbird ) is an extensible, free software for organizing and playing media that are on the local computer or the internet. At the same time Songbird is a platform for Internet applications such as Internet music distributors or network labels, by providing an open programming interface. Songbird is developed by the POT, Inc. (" Pioneers Of The Inevitable ", English for pioneers of the inevitable, a group consisting of former developers of Winamp and the Yahoo! Music Engine ), under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( GPL). Songbird is based on Mozilla's XUL and is capable of running in the desktop version currently on Windows and Mac OS X. For media playback GStreamer serves.

Official support for Linux has been completed with the version 1.7.2. Mid-2013, it was announced that the Songbird project is no longer maintained and the development is set.


Songbird tries to combine music with the benefits of the Internet, by its own account. This primarily includes many links on music projects. If an audio file is available on such a site, Songbird automatically create a web playlist that can play this file. Thus, Songbird, thanks to Web 2.0 is not only an audio player, but also a kind of music browser. In addition to free blogs, download sites and music services and fee-based music services are linked, including eMusic, CDBaby and Insound.

The main menu is fairly simple: In addition to the usual functions such as play, pause, skip track and volume Songbird provides also a database as media management, and the ability to transfer title to equipment. A special feature has Songbird a playback function for AAC files (using the QuickTime plug-in ), and WMA files ( from the Windows Media module) and provides support for the transfer of files to the Apple iPod ( "iPod Device Manager").

In addition to the interface (GUI) Language English preset can be selected via " File" and "Save ", and other languages ​​.



Skins are in Songbird as " feathers " (English " feathers" ) referred. Users and artists have the opportunity to change the look of Songbird an extension. In this case, CSS (and optionally XUL ) are used in the design. With an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, users are then able to customize the look of Songbird their wishes.


There are currently 49 locations by Songbird at different stages on the basis of voluntary translators. Songbird encourages developers of all languages ​​in the development and update of localizations help.

Revision history

Special versions and spin-offs

Songbird Mobile

Since early 2011, there is also a, also developed by POT, smartphone version of Android, the touch- optimized user interface differs significantly from the desktop version. Songbird for Android is currently available in version 2.2.2.


As was announced in April 2010 that Songbird from version 1.8 would no longer be developed for Linux on, began working on a fork called Nightingale (English Nightingale ). On 15 December 2011, the first beta version was released ( Nightingale 1.8.1. ), On 5 March 2012 was provided with Nightingale 1.11.0 the first official version for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows for download.