Sons of Liberty (Film)

Sons of Liberty is an American short film of 1939. Directed by Michael Curtiz Claude Rains and Gale Sondergaard play the main roles in this short drama about the American patriot and financier Haym Salomon.


In tears, and integrate into the film's plot, the story of 1740 in Lissa in Prussia, born in 1785 and died in Philadelphia merchant and banker Haym Salomon. After Solomon had immigrated in 1775 to New York, he joined soon after the Sons of Liberty movement to, a group of young enthusiastic patriots who rebelled against the mother country Great Britain.

During the American War of Independence against the Kingdom of Great Britain Salomon was one of the main financier of the American side. 1776, he was arrested by the British as a spy, and pardoned after an interpreter (Solomon spoke eight languages ​​) are used. In 1778 he was arrested again and sentenced to death, but escaped to Philadelphia, where he continued his career as a broker and dealer in securities. From 1781 to Salomon mediated exchange for the American government and extended interest-free personal loans to members of Congress, including James Madison.

The private side is discussed: Marriage 1777 with Rachel Franks, with whom he had four children. Moreover, Solomon's membership in the Philadelphia Mikveh -Israel community, which had been founded in 1740. Salomon died impoverished in 1785 at the age of only 45 years.

Production and background

Michael Curtiz's film had in the U.S. on May 20, 1939 premiere. Distributed by Warner Bros., he was

Randi Hokett leads in Waging Warners ' War of the film, that Sons of Liberty giving a particularly interesting example, as the film 's story from the important role of Jewish bankers Haym Salomon tell who had supported the American Revolution in the financing of the same. The short film also show a scene in a synagogue at a time, had been largely eliminated as a Jewish identity in American film. The portrait of Claude Rains as Haym Salomon was one of the few films from this period, which had sent a Jewish character in the foreground.


1940, the film in the category " Best Short Film" ( 2 films) was awarded an Oscar.