Sophia Albertina, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Sophie Albertine of Sweden ( born October 8, 1753 Stockholm, † March 17, 1829 ibid ) was a Swedish princess and 1787-1803 last abbess of direct imperial and free secular Quedlinburg.


Sophie Albertine was the daughter of King Adolf Frederick of Sweden (1710-1771) and his wife Princess Luise Ulrike of Prussia (1720-1782) was born. Her brother Gustav III. of Sweden was thinking of marriage projects with Duke William of Oldenburg and King Stanislaus II of Poland; but none led to a result.

In 1767 she was elected by the Chapter to Koadjutorin in Quedlinburg and thus determines the successor to her aunt Anna Amalia, who died in 1787. So Sophie Albertine was introduced on October 15, 1787 solemnly as abbess of Quedlinburg Empire. As of 1790, the abbess is held but more often in Sweden than in their pen.

Sophie Albertine introduced some reforms in religion and education, the arms supply ordered new and increased the salaries of the clergy. In the rooms of the abbey she founded a small Court Theatre, the first theater in Quedlinburg. Your commitment in the social sector was reflected in the establishment of " heat Stuben" in which children of the poorest stratification learned.

In 1803 the convent of Quedlinburg was assigned to the Kingdom of Prussia. Abbess and pen ladies, however, were pledged their revenues and current rights to end of life. In September 1803 Sophie Albertine returned to Sweden. From the new Swedish royal Bernadotte dynasty she was treated as the "last of the house of Vasa 'at court with respect and became the royal couple very close.