Sophienhamm (Danish: Sofieham ) is in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde in Schleswig -Holstein. Oha is located in the municipal area.

Geography and transport

Sophienhamm located on the Eider and the Hohner lake about 12 kilometers west of Rendsburg on the main road 202 from Rendsburg to eiderstedt.

The hard Hooper Moor, which accounts for a large part of its territory, is under protection.


The town was founded in the second half of the 18th century as part of the Moor colonization and is one of the so-called colonists villages. It is by Sophie Magdalena, the daughter of King Frederick V of Denmark, named.


The voters Community KWG since the municipal election of 2008, all nine seats in the municipal council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In green under a golden crown, a silver spade blade, both sides increased accompanied by a silver leaf book. "


The municipal area is predominantly agricultural.