48.16666666666728.3Koordinaten: 48 ° 10 ' N, 28 ° 18'

Soroca (Ukrainian / Russian Сороки ) is a city in Moldova. She is known as a fortress city on the Dniester River (Romanian Nistru ) and has 28,407 inhabitants. Soroca is the capital of the Rajons Soroca.


The city played an important strategic role in the medieval Principality of Moldavia. Merchants from Genoa called the city Olihonia, in documents from the year 1499 is later called Soroca. Ştefan cel Mare let there built a fortress, later the city walls were re-attached under Petru Rares and expanded.

In its present form the fortress of Transylvanian builders was built 1543-1546. The plant has a perfect round design with five towers, which have an identical distance from each other. Usually only soldiers lived in the citadel, but during a siege was also the native population there protection.

Today, the city is a regional center with large squares, modern roads, hospitals, secondary schools and traditional churches. In the Soviet era, the city became an important industrial center for the northern Moldova.


There is an old legend about a white stork and the fortress of Soroca. It says that during a long siege, the hungry defenders have to owe their survival to a white stork who brought them bunch of grapes.