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Sorsum is a village five kilometers west of Hildesheim and the westernmost district of the city. Sorsum was formerly an independent municipality, which was incorporated into Hildesheim on 1 March 1974.


Sorsum was called by the name Sutterem 1125 for the first time in a document. At the 875 - year celebration in 2000 a memorial stone in the center near the church. Already in 1215 decreed the village via a water mill. She stood on the spot where now stands the mill dating from 1811 Sorsumer. In the Middle Ages a farmyard of the Magdalene convent was founded in Hildesheim in Sorsum, the system is still available and worth seeing. 1496 the site was mentioned as Sosserumb and 1700 as Sorsumb. 1785 lived 335 people in Sorsum. In the census of 1895 731 inhabitants were counted. After the Second World War, the population has increased significantly, as many displaced people moved to Sorsum. With the incorporation of Hildesheim the place had about 2,300 inhabitants. The mid 1970s moved the evangelical institution for disabled Diakonia Himmelsthür to their new premises at the northeast edge of Sorsum where extensive residential buildings, classrooms, workshops and a church arose. On 1 January 2001 lived in Sorsum 3106 people on 31 December 2005, there were 2844th


Local mayor is Erika Hanenkamp.

Culture and sights

The Catholic parish church of St. Cunibert was 1887/88 built in the Romanesque Revival style and was renovated in 1979-82, its tower is from 1908. Inside the church are mainly a sandstone relief from the 15th century with the Annunciation of Mary and the painted wooden ceiling from the late 19th century is remarkable. The wooden ceiling shows the genealogy of Jesus, and is reminiscent of the wooden ceiling of St Michael's Church of the Middle Ages.

Another attraction is the Sorsums monastery, whose present building come mostly from the 18th century. 1734 representative mansion was built with a hipped roof. The ground floor is built of rubble stone, the upper floor truss. On the farm also drop a large barn in 1786, and the octagonal dovecote on with his tent roof. It was built in 1733, built of limestone.

In the Sorsumer main road several well-preserved half-timbered houses are still to be seen.

South of Sorsum is located under the small trees Antonius chapel, which was built in 1725 with a gable roof.

Sorsumer main road

Parish Church of St. Cunibert

Parish Church of St. Cunibert

Relief in St.Kunibert

Klostergut: The buildings have been converted to a condominium

Klostergut: The buildings have been converted to a condominium

Antonius chapel.