Sosto above Olivone

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The Sosto is 2,220, 6 m above sea level. M. high mountain in Bleniotal in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It towers above the village of steep Olivone, which is approximately 900 meters on the southwestern foot of the mountain, and the village of Campo ( 1,215 m above sea level. M. ) in the northwest.


The Sosto, a striking and secluded rocky pyramid is also called the Matterhorn of Blenio. He received this nickname due to its distinctive shape with the steep western and southern slopes. The north and east sides that drop in the valleys of Val Val Carasino Luzzone respectively, fall off less deep.

At the foot of the west wall of the Brenno has the narrow gorge Gola del Sosto between Sosto and the mountain Stock Töira ( Pizzo Rossetto, 2'099 m above sea level. M. ) created. The old road Vecchia Strada del Campo Sosto that leads through the gorge, was replaced by a tunnel.

The Sosto consists of gneiss. Parts of the mountain, the summit region, are made ​​of slate. The blue-gray siliceous limestone and marble Kalkglimmerschiefer with layers is in the geology of the Alps even names formative for a sub - unit ( 4th order ). The Sosto Shale belongs to Bündnerschiefer.


From Olivone a cable car to the Alp Compietto leads on the southern slope ( 1,570 m above sea level. M. ) and from there along the eastern flank of the mountain to the north of Lago di Luzzone ( 1'609 m above sea level. M. ).

The ascent is easiest from the east, where the pass Muazz ( 1'697 m above sea level. M. ) an unmarked path to the northeast upstream side peak ( 2'101 m above sea level. M. ) leads. The pass Muazz can be reached from Lake Luzzone or Olivone about Compietto.


The Sosto is schematically shown in red on the crest of Olivone.