Sound design

Sound Design (german sound design ) is to get creative with sounds and noises. Today is the English name sound design, sound design also rare in the German -speaking common.

Applications of sound design are, in addition to films and radio plays, as well as broadcast media such as radio and television, and, increasingly, newer areas such as multimedia applications and computer games. In addition to the expansion of uses is also the technical processes have expanded, working with those who have so now developed further object fields in media production. These include music and sound advice, production of functional music, as well as editing and restoration of historic recordings.

Sound design for movies

In the post-production of films including, with the exception of music understood on all acoustic elements, ie of dialogue, sounds, atmospheres and sound effects design work. This sonic elements - self-recorded and / or removed from sound archives and then processed - depending on your budget and intended use. Thus, from Tibetan monastic chant the sound of a spaceship arise from Gibbongebrüll the siren of a flying police cars from the future.

The design of the tone is determined by dramaturgical requirements and to support the visual effect: It gives the real components of the film again, so for example the dialogues of the actors, the babbling of a brook, the start of an airplane. These sounds are necessary to produce the viewer the illusion of " the action " to be there. It can also contain additional information that is not seen in the picture, such as a be entertaining crowd that stands behind a locked door and is not seen in the picture.

In addition, sound elements can directly address the emotional level of the audience. This is done first by the acoustic dimensions as specific frequencies, a rhythmic shape and / or the volume and dynamic development. Among other high buzzing sound objects can unnervingly deep rumbling noises act threatening. Certain sounds can also give rise to unconscious memories.

Another factor that may affect the sound design, are genre conventions because each genre has its own sound repertoire brought forth, but this is also expanding constantly.

Sound design in the media

In the radio, the term sound design as a term for the " layout " of a transmitter, the technical sound (setting of machining equipment such as Optimod ) and the production of associated elements ( jingles, trailers, transitions, etc.). The sound design department is responsible for producing, updating and development of the station sounds.

In addition, the characteristic sound of a brand or a company can make. The corporate sound as an acoustic part of the corporate overall design concept can be found for example in large companies and television programs such as First or ProSieben. An important role in radio and television also play so-called separator, either individual programs acoustically separate from each other, such as when a new program starts, or signal the start and end of a commercial break. These sounds are usually part of corporate design and fit stylistically in with the whole unit.

Sound design in computer games

Due to the rapid development of the video game industry that strives to be as realistic as possible, the job of sound designer is becoming increasingly important. Thus, for example, tries in first-person shooters to optimize the noise of weapons in car racing games driving and accident noises are almost indistinguishable from the genuine. In computer role-playing games and action games etc. the gameplay is further dramatized by music, what the interactive happening on the screen similar emotional stimulations gives as in the film industry.

Sound design in an industrial context

The term is also used in an industrial context. There, the cognate term acoustic design is common. This involves the definition and implementation of the acoustic qualities of individual components and assemblies to indicate certain properties or certain functions the user of the product. Examples:

  • In the field of automotive engine noise over the exhaust, the tuning of the engine mount, the engine mount and the intake system is designed to meet the expectations of different target groups. Accordingly doors by insulation and Castle are acoustically optimized.
  • Beverage bottles in a special sound during the opening and pouring of the bottle is achieved by the shape.
  • When the sausages popping noise is studied in bite and optimized.

Pictures of Sound design