Sound system (Jamaican)

A sound system is a mobile disco, especially in the Jamaican culture.

The first sound system were formed in the 1950s, as well as Jamaican music underwent a strong development and created new genres such as ska and rocksteady. The first plate trailer, then Soundman, now called Selector, organized dances or Bashments in so-called "Dance Halls ". Since the dances were also very popular very quickly gave way to the sound system on availability, the ( German: lawn ) Lawn were called. At this time Selectors also started their own playback technology and thus to develop a unique sound. Pioneers of this era include " Sir Coxsone " Dodd, Duke Reid and Prince Buster. According to many sources, the chanting technique, which formed the basis, inter alia, for Rap / Hip Hop evolved in the Jamaican sound system: Over the course of the 1960s, many DJs went from pure announcements of the pieces to rhythmic Toasting on ( pioneer was U-Roy here, among others ). Therefore, in Jamaica, the vocalists are often called " Singjays ". A Jamaican Kool Herc is said to have exported this kind of singing to New York. In Jamaica itself from it over time developed the dancehall reggae and ragga muffin.

Nowadays, there are around the world reggae sound system, but rarely have their own music system generally, but represent teams from DJs / selectors and MCs / Singjays. In recent times there is increasing in Europe Sound Clashes in which measure two or more sound system in a kind of competition, for example, with the help of their dub plates together. On these sound clashes it comes with a particularly outstanding assortment of dubplates and an original way to mix the individual dubplates to inspire the audience. The winner of the clashes is determined by the response of the audience ( mentioned in the reggae scene " Massive" ) set. The sound system in which the " Massive" cheered the loudest wins. The roots of the Sound Clashes are also in the 1960s. During this time Clashes were organized on the road. At that time, the volume was still a much more important factor. It was the opposing sound system with more volume literally crush to prove that one has the more powerful system.

Sound Systems in Germany

In Germany, the first sound system were established by Jamaican model in the early 1980s. But until about mid-1990, with an incipient boom of dancehall and reggae events, there was massive start-up sound system. In this case, this new sound system usually consist of people ( DJs and Selectors, MCs and DJs and sound operator ); the purchase of a system consisting of large and powerful speakers and amplifiers, is often not perceived as necessary as a good club or disco infrastructure exists in Germany and the stores are already equipped with music systems.