South African Football Association

The South African Football Association ( English: South African Football Association, SAFA short ) is the Football Association in the Republic of South Africa. It has its seat in Johannesburg.


The SAFA organized the South African national football teams of men and women and youth, as well as the League operation of the third, which is divided into nine regional leagues Vodacom Promotional League until the fifth grade. The professional football organized the National Soccer League, which belongs to a special agency of the SAFA. The NSL operates as Premier Soccer League and is in a first, the Premier Division, and a second league, the First Division, divided.


In 1882, a Football Association was founded with the current name he later called himself Football Association of South Africa and represented the white population group. He was a founding member in 1957 of the CAF, but was ruled out shortly after this foundation because of apartheid. The FASA was also the official association of FIFA was, however, suspended in 1964 by this and also ruled out formally in the 1970s.

Since 1951 there was the South African Soccer Federation, under whose umbrella bodies different colored South Africans rallied.

The new SAFA emerged after the end of apartheid in 1991 from the merger process of the four previously independent associations Football Association of South Africa, South African Soccer Association, South African Soccer Federation, and South African National Football Association. The Sanfa was initially involved in the association process, then withdrew, and two years later joined the SAFA but also to. The SAFA was recorded on the FIFA Congress in June 1992, returned to the world governing body, only a month later there was the first international match against Cameroon.