South Otago

Clutha is the southernmost of the five districts in the New Zealand 's Otago region. In part, this area of the district is also called South Otago.


The district is characterized by three topographical features: The southern part of the area (the " Catlin " ) is the most densely forested with smaller fjords inland and has a very harsh climate. The second major area is the large hills in the remaining part of the district. Partial but these are the third major area, namely traversed vast, flat flood plains.

The most important river is the second longest Clutha River, with a length of 340 km of river in the country.


The main town in the district, Balclutha, located about 80 km south of Dunedin. It has about 4100 inhabitants ( 2006). Other major towns in the district are Milton about 2000 and Kaitangata and Tapanui, each with about 1000 inhabitants. The city of Lawrence was in the 1860s, the center of the Otago Gold Rush, but then lost again in importance.

The residents of the district of Clutha and Southland region can be s easy to distinguish from other New Zealanders by their rolling " R". At this special feature you can see the original derivation of the local settlers ( Gaelic languages, such as Irish, Scottish ).

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