South Province, New Caledonia

The South Province (French Province Sud) is one of three provinces of New Caledonia. It comprises the southern part of the island of Grande Terre (area 7303 km ²), south offshore islands, including Isle of Pines, and remote islands in the southeast, including Walpole and claimed by Vanuatu Matthew and Hunter Islands. The seat of government of the province is in Nouméa, while in La Foa offered by the French state services.

The province consists of the municipalities thio ( 1), Yaté ( 2), L'Île- des-Pins (3 ), Le Mont- Dore ( 4), Noumea ( 5), Nouméa (6 ), Paita (7) Bouloupari (8 ), La Foa (9) Sarraméa (10) Farino (11) Moindou (12) and Bourail (13). Poya (14 ) is both part of the Northern Province and the Southern Province.

There are 40 elected deputies of the population, of which 32 are sent to Congress.

The result is the province by the Matignon agreements.