Southern Methodist University

The Southern Methodist University (also known as SMU ) is a private university in University Park ( an enclave of the city of millions Dallas ) in the state of Texas. Founded in 1911, 10,901 students are now enrolled at the university. The SMU is part of the United Methodist Church, but only about 25 % of the students belong to this church. The university is known for its research and teaching in the fields of law and economics.

The Meadows Museum SMU hosts one of the largest and highest quality collections of Spanish paintings outside Spain.

The sports teams are known as the SMU Mustangs and member of the American Athletic Conference. In the area of ​​College Football, the university was in the mid -1980s, responsible for the Pony Gate scandal, which was one of the greatest scandals in American sports history.


  • Humanities and Natural Sciences ( Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences )
  • Engineering
  • Arts ( Meadows School of the Arts )
  • Education and Human Development
  • Law ( Dedman School of Law )
  • Theology ( Perkins School of Theology )
  • Economics ( Cox School of Business )

Famous people


  • Robert T. Anderson - Organist
  • Guy Bovet - Swiss organist and composer
  • Richard Gray - Level Designer of the computer games industry
  • Rick Halperin - Holocaust researchers and human rights
  • Thomas Osang - economist
  • György Sándor - Pianist


Nobel Laureate

Society, politics and law

  • Laura Bush - Wife of George W. Bush
  • Karen Hughes - Staatssekträrin in the U.S. State Department
  • Harriet Miers - nominated by George W. Bush Judge of the Supreme Court
  • Alexa Halaby - sister of Queen Noor of Jordan and daughter of Najeeb Halaby


  • Raymond Berry - football player and coach, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Eric Dickerson - football player, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Forrest Gregg - Football player and coach, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Lars Frölander - swimmer, Olympic gold medalist at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney
  • Martina Moravcová - swimmer ( two silver medals at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney)
  • Kajsa Bergqvist - high jumper ( bronze medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney)
  • Payne Stewart - Golf Player




  • Lamar Hunt - founder of the American Football League and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jeffrey Skilling - Former CEO of Enron

Science and Technology