Southland (TV series)

Southland is an American drama television series, which deals with the personal and professional problems of a group of police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. It consists of five seasons with 43 ​​episodes and was initially from 9 April to 21 May 2009 to NBC and then broadcast on 2 March 2010 to 17 April 2013 in TNT. The German Air Date began on August 28, 2012 on kabel eins.

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The series shows the hard and often frustrating work and personal life of a number of patrol officers and detectives of the Los Angeles Police Department. Many police officers are struggling with health problems or a desolate private life, in the service, there are often conflicts with colleagues, and in no way inserts and investigations are always successful.

One of the main characters is the young cop Ben Sherman, who has recently completed his training at the Police Academy. At the beginning, he discovers that the police everyday not always realized by the book and personal problems of the policemen also affect their work. His partner John Cooper he is initially skeptical, because Sherman comes from wealthy circles. Other important characters are Detective Sammy Bryant, whose marriage is in deep crisis period, Detective Lydia Adams, whose private lives are affected by their profession, Officer Chickie Brown, Detective Daniel Salinger, Detective Nate Moretta and Detective Russell Clarke.


The series was first broadcast on 9 April 2009 on NBC. The first season consists of only seven episodes. 1st May 2009 NBC announced that Southland was for a second season, which should get 13 episodes, extended, to be broadcast from 25 September 2009. Later, the start date of the second season was postponed to October 23. On 8 October 2009 NBC announced unexpectedly that the production was stopped.

TNT announced that they have acquired the rights to Southlands first season complete and the already finished produced six episodes of the second season. TNT began on 12 January 2010 Southland broadcast. The transmitter initially did not plan nor the production of further episodes, only because you wanted to wait for the quotas of 13 episodes produced.

Due to the satisfactory and increasing quotas TNT ordered in April 2010, a third season and in March 2011 a fourth season. May 4, 2012, TNT has commissioned the production of a fifth season known that will consist of 10 episodes again. The broadcast of the season was scheduled for February 2013. In May 2013 TNT announced that series.

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German dialogs and synchronous Director: Michael Erdmann

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United States

The first season aired in the United States by NBC. Since then, the series of TNT is shown. The second season ran from 2 March 2010 to 6 April. The third season was aired from January 4 to March 8, 2011. The broadcast of the ten-part fourth season was shown from January 17 2012 until March 20, 2012 on TNT. From February 13 2013 to April 17, 2013, the fifth season was aired.


In Germany, kabel eins the rights to the series has secured. The German Air Date the series started on 28 August 2012. From 16 October 2012, the broadcast of the second season followed. Due to poor ratings shifted kabel eins beginning with the airing of season three on 28 November 2012, the series into the night program and then broke the broadcast from December 2012. From 19 March to 24 April 2013, the remaining episodes of the third season were shown.

On May 1, 2013 cable began one with the airing of the fourth season of Southland, but the broadcast set after the seventh episode on 12 June 2013 again. As of November 30, 2013 kabel eins began airing the remaining episodes of the fourth season.


In the U.S., the first season was released on DVD on 26 January 2010, while the second went on sale on May 24, 2011. Season 3 and 4 since February 5, 2013 sale. The fifth season will be available from 13 August 2013. In Germany the first two seasons appeared October 21, 2011 in DVD format and thus even before the TV broadcast. On 7 June 2013, the third season followed.