Southpole (clothing)

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South Pole was a company and an eponymous fashion label based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. While South Pole is continued as a trademark, the former company in 2008 merged with the parent company Wicked Fashions Incorporated. Southpole achieved sales of $ 405 million in 2008. She walked over to Wicked Fashions Incorporated in the same year.

Brand History

Southpole was founded as a company and brand in 1991 by David and Kenny Khym in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They started with the production of outwear for men, this was followed by a sportswear clothing line and eventually also a women collection that has quickly found by flashy designs and their great variety of colors many enthusiastic fans. In America, the clothing is often offered at national retailers such as JC Penney and Sears.