Souvenirs (The Gathering album)


  • Vocals: Anneke van Giersbergen
  • Guitar: René Rutten
  • Bass: Frank Boeijen
  • Guitar: Hugo Prinsen Geerligs
  • Drums: Hans Rutten

Souvenirs is the seventh album by the Dutch progressive rock band The Gathering. The album was released in February 2003 via Psychonaut Records.

After the four previous studio albums were released via Century Media, Souvenirs is the first studio album on the band's own label. Previously, the band had re-released their first two albums ( Always ... and Almost a Dance) on Psychonaut.

Souvenirs coincides with its atmospheric and melancholic songs a little quieter than the rocking if_then_else and more reminiscent How to Measure a Planet? . For the first time produced Zlaya Hadzich an album by The Gathering. As a guest musician of Ulver musicians Trickster G occurred in " A Life All Mine ".

With " You Learn About It " and " Monsters" two singles were released. If you rewind to the beginning of the album over the beginning of the first song out, you can hear the song " Telson ".

In South America, the album containing the song " debris " was published by EP Black Light District.

Title list

Frank Boeijen Marjolein Kooijman • • Hans Rutten, René Rutten • • Silje Wergeland

Niels Duffhues • Hugo Prinsen Geerligs • Marike Groot • Bart Smits • Anneke van Giersbergen • Martine van Loon • Jelmer Wiersma

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