Sovere is an Italian town with 5420 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy.

Location and data

Sovere is located about 43 kilometers east of Bergamo in Val Borlezza both sides of the river Borlezza. The neighboring municipalities are Bossico, Cerete, Endine Gaiano, Gandino, Lovere, Pianico and Solto Collina. The districts are Piazza, possimo, San Gregorio and Sellere.


The town's origins date back to Roman times. In the area all the coins have been found from this period. The first written mention of the War dates from the year 837


There are several beautiful palaces in the city, especially the palace venturi from the 17th century and the Zitti palace from the 16th century. Inside the Palazzo Baroni frescoes and stucco can be visited. The Palazzo Longhini has a lovely courtyard.

Located near the Museum Sovere Malga Lunga is. The museum has become known by a battle in the Second World War. Today it is a museum of the resistance.