Sovereign's Orb

The orb British monarch (English Sovereign 's Orb ) is a part of the British crown jewels, the Crown Jewels. It was made in 1661 for the coronation of Charles II at a price of 1150 pounds.

The orb is a 1.2- kg golden hollow sphere with a diameter of 16.5 cm. Around the center, there is a strip of pearls and precious stones. A well decorated strip leads to the upper half by the upper center of the sphere. Is crowned the apple of a cross-shaped amethyst. The orb is a religious symbol; he represents the monarch's role as Defender of the Faith and as head of the Church of England.

During the coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury passes the orb in the right hand of the monarch. After the orb is placed on an altar, where it remains until the end of the ceremony. At the end of the ritual, the monarch holds the orb in the left hand, the Sceptre with the Cross in the right hand and wearing the Imperial State Crown, as he leaves Westminster Abbey.