Soyuz 7K-ST No. 16L

Soyuz T -10-1 ( sometimes called Soyuz T -10A ) is the mission name for the failed flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Salyut 7 It was the 70th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm.


Home team

  • Vladimir Titov Georgjewitsch, Commander
  • Gennadi Mikhailovich Strekalow, Flight Engineer

Five months earlier had Titov and Strekalow during the mission Soyuz T-8 (which included Alexander Serebrov was the third crew member ) already tried to enter Salyut 7, but the coupling failed, and the flight had to be terminated prematurely.

Backup crew

  • Leonid Denisovich Kizim, Commander
  • Vladimir Alekseyevich Solovyov, Flight Engineer

False start

This mission did not achieve its goal because the rocket was destroyed during launch on the launch pad by fire. Fortunately, the crew was rescued by the emergency system.

Shortly before the scheduled start ran out of fuel under the Soyuz rocket and caught fire. The launch control activated immediately the rescue system, but the control cables had already burned out, and the crew could not activate the system. Twenty seconds later the home side's ground control to start the rescue system over the radio. At this time, a booster was already in flames. The retaining bolts which held the return module on the service module and the top load panel at the bottom, were blown off. The rocket motors of the rescue system lit for five seconds and accelerated the orbital and return module, which is still stuck in disguise, with an acceleration of 14 to 17 g ( 137-167 m / s ²). The burning booster exploded two seconds after activation and destroyed the starting place from which already Sputnik 1 and Vostok 1 was launched. The four flight stabilizers on the exterior of the payload fairing opened, and the return module separated at an altitude of 650m from the orbital module and fell free from the shell. The heat shield was jettisoned to expose the solid braking rockets, and deployed the parachute quickly open. The landing occurred 4 km away from the launch site.


The crew of Salyut 7, Vladimir and Alexander Alexandrov Liakhov, the space station had to rely on Soyuz T-9 in November 1983, because neither a new spaceship was still a new crew. In February 1984, flew a new long-term crew on Soyuz T-10 to the Salyut 7 Strekalow belonged to the team that auswechselte the spaceships in April. He started with Soyuz T -11 and landed a week later with Soyuz T- 10th For Titov flight break was longer. Only in December 1987, he made ​​his next space flight. With Soyuz TM -4, he launched to the space station Mir and spent exactly one year.