Soyuz (of Russian Союз, union ',' Union ') stands for:

  • Soyuz can carry ( spacecraft ), a spacecraft that man into space
  • Soyuz (rocket), a Soviet / Russian space launcher
  • Soyuz ( Union Association ), an association of People's Deputies of the USSR at all levels
  • Soyuz ( pipeline ), a natural gas pipeline in the CMEA countries from Orenburg to Uzhhorod
  • Soyuz ( Antarctic research station ), a former Soviet research station in Antarctica
  • A cinema in Berlin- Marzahn, designed by Wolf -Rüdiger Eisentraut
  • The designation of military maneuvers of the Warsaw Pact

Soyuz is the abbreviation for:

  • Siemens Office of Justice, Office of Justice Program, similar to WORD in its beginnings
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