Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Spanish Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal ) is a member church of the Anglican Communion and is in ecclesial communion with the Old Catholic Churches. The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain is also a member of the Porvoo Communion and has agreed with these churches full communion. The Mozarabic rite (also Mozarabic liturgy, Visigothic liturgy or old Spanish liturgy called ) is the liturgical rite of the ( Anglican ) Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain.

The Episcopal Church has its origins in the activities of a former Roman Catholic priest, who in 1880 began his work under the supervision of the Anglican Bishop of Mexico. 1894 equipped with its own bishop, was under the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain to the Primate of the Church of Ireland. In 1980 she became then as so-called church extraprovinzielle their independence and since then has been the Archbishop of Canterbury as Primate.

Today, the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain, whose territory is limited to Spain, a bishop, 21 priests, including a woman and four deacons counts.


  • Juan Bautista Cabrera (1894-1916)
  • Santos Martin Molina (1956-1966)
  • Ramón Taibo (1967-1982)
  • Arturo Sanchez Galan (1983-1995)
  • Carlos López Lozano (1995 -present)