Spartak Myjava

The TJ Spartak Myjava is a Slovak football club from the western Slovak city Myjava. In May 2012, he won the Slovakian 2nd league and will play the 2012/13 season in the top Slovak league, the league Corgoň.


Spartak Myjava was founded as Športový club Myjava ( ŠK Myjava ) on August 8, 1920. The team in 1944 moved up to the then Slovak Division. A new club complex has been built in 1954, completed in 1958. Success in sports in 1968 was the rise in the former county league. After five years, the team is staying, after another five years, one class lower. In 2000, the club TJ Spartak Myjava and Slovan Turá Lúka are fused. In the 2010/2011 season the team went into the Slovak League 2, since the summer of 2012, the team is top notch.