Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso ( original English Title: Special Agent Oso ) is an animated series created by writer and director Jamie Ford Riley Mitchell, shot in 2008 in the U.S.. The series was first broadcast in German-speaking countries on Playhouse Disney. Since the setting of the transmitter, the series in succession transmitter Disney Junior will air. In the German free TV, the series is shown since 11 January 2010 Super RTL.

Directed by Jamie Mitchell until 2011, since 2011, Kelly Ward. Main writers of the series are Ford Riley and Noelle Wright (2009 to 2010) and Krista Tucker and John Loy (2009 to 2011). The theme song of the series, was nominated for a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song. The target group is children aged two to seven years.

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  • 5.2 Season 2
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The plot of the individual episodes is closely aligned with a better stability of the frame story.

At the beginning of each episode Oso completed a training session with one of his coaches, with him this first explains exactly what to do. After Oso has started the exercise, is remapped to a child who gets into an everyday problem. This is picked up by a satellite that the problem at Osos principal, the secret organization UNIQUE (The United Network for the Investigation of Quite Unusual Events, translated United Network for investigation rather unusual events such).

As a result, Oso is displayed, which makes an error in the training session and this with the words " It's all part of the plan - more or less " comments. At this moment a call from Mr. Heimlich is a who has a " special order" for Oso. This is to help the child in his everyday task. Oso asks the spectator's child, if it will help him in the task and Paws pilots, what are the three steps for solving the problem. The Paws pilot has a Oso with the song " Three Little Steps" ( Three little steps ) in the solution of the task. Oso must be solved with the help of various technical aids and the spectator the task. At the last step, a clock counts down.

After the solution of the problem Oso returns to the training session. Now he solves it without any problems, because he has learned something during the special job that helps him solve the training task. Oso confirmed the onlooking child he would not have done it without his help, then repeated the paws pilot the song, this time as a confirmation of the success. Oso receives for the execution of the contract a " Spezialauftragsdigimedaille " Mr. Heimlich, which he accepts on behalf of the onlooking child that helped him solve the case. He also received a medal for the training successfully completed training.


Main characters

Oso, the protagonist of the series, is a full topfer Panda as an agent for the secret organization UNIQUE works, an organization of stuffed animals, which aims to help children in the tasks of daily living. In order to achieve its tasks various gadgets and vehicles, such as sports cars or helicopter are available to him.

Minor characters


According to information provided by the sender Ford Riley got the idea for Special Agent Oso as he looked at a James Bond film, his son joined them and was immediately fascinated. Since he did not consider the film in retrospect suitable for his son, he had the idea of a series for children who picks up the agents topic, but the age is appropriate and does not contain hazardous situations. The idea of ​​the tasks of daily living also came to him in the observation of his children.

The program is broadcast in double episodes, the title Episode Title from James Bond movies are based.


  • 2010 - Nomination for Outstanding Original Song for Special Agent Oso Main Title by Mark Himelstein and Ford Riley

Episode List

Season 1

The first season will air in the U.S. on April 4, 2009 in Germany since 13 September 2009.

Season 2

The second season will air in the U.S. since July 10, 2010, in Germany, since February 20, 2010.

Not belonging to a season episodes