Specialist (rank)

Specialist (SPC ) is the highest military enlisted rank in the U.S. Army. It corresponds to the payment to the rank of Corporal. However, it indicate specific qualifications or technical skills, which are outside the scope of responsibility of the Corporal. In turn, more emphasis is placed on a corporal on his leadership in combat, which explains why a Specialist in the chain of command is under the Corporal. The Specialist has the NATO Rank Code OR -4, a rank above Private First Class and a rank below the sergeant and is comparable to a Corporal in the army about.

During the Second World War, the rank of Technician ( technician) was known and was abolished in 1948; but the concept was introduced in 1955 under the name of Specialist again. Until 1985, there was fluctuating numbers of sub- ranks within the Specialist. Remained only the last Specialist Four, which was then renamed again for easy Specialist.

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