Specification (technical standard)

A specification ( from the Latin specificatio for the " list " or the " Index " ) is a formalized description of a product, system or service. The aim of the specification is to define features and to quantify (tolerance values), with which the work or service of the Contractor during the handover to the client or buyer may be inspected and approved by the contracting authority, or after or the contractor. seller may demand payment if the characteristics of the specification have been achieved. The specification contains a rule for each specified property a precise reference to the applicable test method for each attribute.

More details

In connection with tenders the specifications is the benchmark specification of the client, what reply the potential contractor with requirement specifications as an implementation specification.

In practice, specifications do not always contain all the requirements for a product or service. Legal requirements, such as banning certain harmful materials are not mentioned in the rule, and a basic understanding of the average professional is required.

Although a specification is mostly a technical document which, however, to hedge commercial ( promise to pay ) or legal issues ( liability, warranty ) will be created. In this sense, it is useful to provide a specification drawn up so that it describes mainly what you can capture directly with the senses, and not according to what principle something works.

If the specification is not explicitly agreed with the contract, such as a normal purchase of a mass article, can be used as the specification of the "agreed upon " (§ 434 paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB ) are considered, to which the seller for B. is committed by a manual or an advertisement. A deviation from the specification represents a defect and resolves warranty claims. From the specification of the purchase of the property law concept of the specification is to be distinguished. In the latter case it comes to the question of who gets ownership of a thing after processing.