Speed Monster

Speed ​​Monster in TusenFryd ( Vinterbro, Akershus, Norway) is a steel roller coaster model from coaster manufacturer Intamin Accelerator, which was opened on 23 April 2006.


On the approximately 690 m long track, passengers go through immediately after the hydraulic launch, which accelerates from 0 to 90 km / h in 2.2 seconds, a new driving element, the Norwegian Loop, which consists of two so-called inversions. After a left turn and some hills, followed by the final inversion - the corkscrew.

Speed ​​Monster has two trains each with three cars. In each car four people can (two rows of two people) take place. Thus a maximum capacity of 700 people per hour is possible. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.

Speed ​​Monster in the media

Speed ​​Monster was shown in the ProSieben reportage roller coaster dynasty. The program addressed the difficulties in the construction of the coaster. The same documentation is at irregular intervals every once under the title " The fastest job in the world - The roller coaster dynasty " to be seen on the television station N24.


View from the main entrance of the park