The Sphaerosepalaceae are a plant family in the order of Malvenartigen ( Malvales ). This family contains only two species having from 14 to 20 kinds. The types have their areas only in Madagascar.


They are deciduous trees or shrubs. The alternate arranged leaves are simple with a smooth margin. The usually very broad stipules sometimes include the branch.

The flowers are in axillary or terminal zymösen inflorescences with bracts. The hermaphrodite flowers are radial symmetry to slightly zygomorphic with a double perianth. There are two circles, each provided with two to three free, leathery sepals, the inner are larger; all sepals overlap significantly. There are usually four (three to eight) -free, spiked petals present; they are white or yellow. There is an annular disc provided. The 25 to more than 100 fertile stamens are clearly unequal; they are arranged in two to four groups, combined with each other at zero or two to four beams; they are not fused with the petals. The best three (two to five) Upper permanent or sometimes half under constant carpels are at Dialyceras partly free and grown at Rhopalocarpus to an ovary. In both species only a stylus is available.

Rhopalocarpus form schizocarps containing four to ten seeds. Two to five, usually three, one to zweisamigen capsule-like fruits of Dialyceras form a multiple fruit. The large seeds are oily.


A synonym for Sphaerosepalaceae is Rhopalocarpaceae Hemsl. Takht ex ..

The Sphaerosepalaceae family contains only two genera with 14-20 species:

  • Dialyceras Capuron: With one to three types: Dialyceras coriaceum ( Capuron ) J.- F.Leroy
  • Dialyceras discolor J.- F.Leroy
  • Dialyceras parvifolium Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus alternifolius ( Baker) Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus binervius Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus coriaceus (Scott -Elliot ) Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus crassinervius ( Capuron ) GESchatz, Lowry & A. E.Wolf
  • Rhopalocarpus excelsus Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus longipetiolatus Hemsl.
  • Rhopalocarpus louvelii ( Danguy ) Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus lucidus Boii
  • Rhopalocarpus macrorhamnifolius Capuron
  • Rhopalocarpus mollis G.E.Schatz & Lowry
  • Rhopalocarpus parvifolius ( Capuron ) GESchatz, Lowry & A. E.Wolf
  • Rhopalocarpus randrianaivoi G.E.Schatz & Lowry
  • Rhopalocarpus similis Hemsl.
  • Rhopalocarpus suarezensis Capuron ex Bosser
  • Rhopalocarpus thouarsianus Baill.
  • Rhopalocarpus triplinervius Baill.
  • Rhopalocarpus undulatus Capuron


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