The Sport - Informations-Dienst (SID ) is the largest German sports news agency. In May 2010 the company moved its headquarters from Neuss to Cologne and has since been in JP Bachem house located at Ursula Place. The SID is since 1998 a wholly owned subsidiary of parastatal French news agency AFP and employs around 75 permanent and hundreds of freelancers at its headquarters in Cologne and in the editorial offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Since 15 May 2012, Yacine le Forestier, previously AFP bureau chief in Brussels, editor in chief. Le Forestier took over on July 1, 2013, the Board, having previously held the position on an interim basis. Football boss Ralph Durry belongs to the editorial board since 1998. As the successor to Angela Bern Jörg Mebus was appointed on 1 January 2014 in the editorial management.


The SID was on 15 September 1945 by Alfons Gerz (* 1913, † 1995) established that gave the company also for many years as editor in chief of a face. The foundation dates back to a started in Dusseldorf in 1945 by the press office Roebeled economic and cultural press service, which has been extended to sports news on 1 October of the year. As of April 11, 1946, this sport - letter service first appeared under the title "Sport - Informations-Dienst ," the first of three times per week - has been sent - analogous to the rhythm of the daily newspapers in the Rhine and Ruhr.

Form of society

In 1972, the SID was legally and economically cleaved from the press office Roebeled and reorganized in the form of a GmbH. In 1997, the semi-official French news agency Agence France-Presse ( AFP), through its German subsidiary AFP acquires a majority stake in the SID of the shareholders of the family of SID - founder Alfonso Gerz. Since 1998, the SID is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French news agency AFP.

Core business

The sports information service provided as originally pure Word agency for all major sports editors of daily newspapers and radio and television stations services in sports coverage. The first customer of the SID was the radio station NWDR founded in the fall of 1945. 1962, a telephone message service for sports news has been set up. The traditional range of the SID in 1996 initially added to the graphical representation of messages; Since 1997, the SID also offers online services. In 2010 the company started the production of motion picture and distribution of sports photos.

External offices

The first outward office of SID was founded in 1949 by Jupp Wolff and Werner Schneider in Hamburg, and two years later was the establishment of an additional field offices in Frankfurt am Main, whose line was first taken over by Theo Bourquin. Since 1969, the SID also maintains in Munich and since 1983 in Berlin remote offices. The Leipzig outer office was closed in 2009.


In the early days of the SID used the telephone lines of the British occupation forces. Later, a private distribution network was established, initially Hellschreiber was used. As of 1952, the SID to the first West German Agency on radio teletype. Since the SID distribution network was not busy, took the news agency was founded in late 1971 German Depeschendienst (ddp) these lines initially. The Catholic News Agency ( KNA ) used from 1963 partially SID radio wave to improve their dissemination. Since 1992, the SID delivers his text service via a satellite news network, began in 2005 delivered via FTP.

SID Sports School of Journalism

2011 founded the SID own sports journalism school whose first vintage with eight volunteers began the 24-month training as a sports editor in March 2011. The focus of basic education are the teaching of fundamentals such as researching and Press, the classic craft of writing journalists and working as a video reporter.

SID Sports Marketing & Communication Services GmbH

2009 founded the SID, the wholly owned subsidiary SID Sports Marketing & Communication Services GmbH (short: SID marketing), which was merged in June 2011 with its sister company, cosmos - pps communications GmbH. SID Marketing offers of press and public relations, and sports marketing for companies, event organizers and associations in the sports business. Is headed SID marketing of Pierre Klein.