Sporting Cristal

Sporting Cristal is a Peruvian football club from the capital Lima. Currently the club plays in the highest Peruvian class, the Primera División Peruana.

  • 3.1 Previous shirt sponsors
  • 3.2 Existing clothing outfitters


The club colors of the club are blue and white. The home shirt is mainly light blue with white accents. The sleeves are also light blue, while the pants are white. The dominant color of the away kit is yellow.


1954 sold Backus and Johnston, British owner of the local brewery, the resident company of Peruvian entrepreneurs. This decided to advertise with a football club for the company shortly after the takeover. In the village there was already a football club whose name was Sporting Tabaco. After the purchase of the club by the local brewery Cristal, the club was renamed to Sporting Cristal. The creation of the new club is dated 13 December 1955. Side Universitario de Deportes and Alianza Lima, the club is considered one of the most popular and successful clubs in Peru. Just one year after its founding, the team was able to win the national championship. Your best years were in the 90s, where they succeeded, the Primera División four times to win Peruana (1991, 1994, 1995 and 1996). There was the biggest international success in 1997 when the team could advance to the finals of the Copa Libertadores. In group four of the preliminary round we sat down still happy with two wins and two draws in six games in third place and moved by so in the Round of 16 against the winner of Group two, the Argentine representative CA Velez Sarsfield. After a 0-0 draw in the first leg, followed by a 1-0 win in the return leg. After you managed the district and against the Bolivian team Club Bolívar and against the Argentines Racing Club Avellaneda after the first leg defeat in the return leg to rotate the semi-finals again, Sporting Cristal was in the final. Against the Brazilian club Cruzeiro won it in the first encounter 0-0, but had to break up the dream in the second game by 0:1.

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  • The Uruguayan Miguel Ximénez in 2008 recorded 32 goals in the season. He represents the club record for most goals in a season and broke Juan Cabellero from, who scored 29 goals in a total of 1983 year.
  • Alberto Gallardo is so far the only striker who could win in the service of Sporting Cristal twice the top scorer (1961, 1962).

Sponsors and decorators

Previous shirt sponsors

  • Date: Cristal beer

Previous clothing outfitters

  • Marathon 2005-2006
  • Joma 2007-2009
  • Umbro 1995-1997 and 2010-2012
  • Adidas and 1998-2004 (current)


The association contributes to a large part of its home games in Estadio San Martín de Porres. The capacity of the multi-purpose stadium amounts to 15,000 spectators. Was built sports facility in the 1960s. In the first decades it was used mainly by amateur and unterklassigen teams. It was not until 1995 Sporting Cristal participated in the stadium and renovated it. On 24 September 1995, the club was the first time there is a game. Since then, it uses the club as homestead. Only against Universitario de Deportes and Alianza Lima pulls the team in the Estadio Nacional in order to counteract security threats.


  • Primera División Peruana (16 ): 1956, 1961, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2012 Apertura ( 2): 1994, 2003
  • Clausura (4): 1998, 2002, 2004, 2005

Well-known former players


  • Ghana Joseph Aziz (active in Germany for Stuttgarter Kickers, FC Augsburg, Eintracht Trier)
  • Argentina Peru Luis Alberto Bonnet (125 goals in 244 games for Sporting Cristal)
  • Rinaldo Cruzado Peru ( In Europe, active, inter alia, for Grasshopper Zurich )
  • Peru Alberto Gallardo (Former Peruvian national team, in Europe active choice for AC Milan )
  • Peru Damián Ismodes (Current Peruvian national team )
  • Brazil Peru Julinho (Former Peruvian national team; 135 goals in 376 games for Sporting Cristal)
  • Peru Andrés Augusto Mendoza (Former Peruvian national team, active in Europe, inter alia, for Olympique Marseille)
  • Brazil Marquinho ( In Europe, active, inter alia, for Austria Salzburg )
  • Peru Franco Navarro (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Juan Carlos Oblitas (Former Peruvian national team and later coach of the national team of Peru )
  • Peru Percy Olivares (Former Peruvian national team, active in Europe, inter alia, 1 FC Nuremberg )
  • Peru Roberto Palacios (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Argentina Peru Ramon Quiroga (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Oswaldo Ramírez (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Miguel Rebosio (Former Peruvian national team, among other things, active in Europe for Real Zaragoza )
  • Peru Alberto Junior Rodríguez (Current Peruvian national team, active in Europe for Sporting Braga)
  • Peru Nolberto Solano (Current Peruvian national team, active in Europe, among other things for Newcastle United)
  • Peru Jorge Soto (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Paraguay Estanislao Struway (Former national team of Paraguay )
  • Uruguay Miguel Ximénez ( With 32 goals in a season simplistic internal record holder )


Sporting has been cared for by 58 coaches from eight different nations. First person in this post was the Chilean Luis Tirado. He has held as coach 1956-1958. Alberto Gallardo took place in five different periods on the head coach chair. With four four employment Víctor Pasache and Juan Carlos Oblitas follow. So far, it still managed to not coach for more than three seasons to keep his post. The only non- South American was the German Rudi Good village in 1971.


First President of the club's history in 1956 Blas Loredo Bascones. He was replaced in 1960 by Alfonso Raul Villegas. Jaime Zegarra Noriega oversaw this office for eight years. He holds the record. , Followed by his predecessor Grande Josue Fernandez, who led the fortunes of the club 1972-1979. Francisco Lombardi Oyarzub is so far the only president who occupied this position in two terms.