Sportpark Am Hallo


  • FIFA World Cup 2006 for people with disabilities

The Sportpark Am Hallo is a sports complex in Essen's stopping mountain. The sports park consists of a football and athletics stadium and a sports hall.


The first sod for the athletics stadium took place in August 1999. After two years of construction, it was completed in August 2001. For athletics, the stadium has all the necessary facilities and eight sprint and six circular orbits. The turf is also used for soccer and American football. Under the grandstand are still in a 60 meter sprint track and facilities for high jump, long jump and triple jump. The stadium has a capacity of around 3800 seats.

Main users of the stadium is the Essenes Athletics. In addition, the space is used by the football team Assindia Cardinals. The attendance record dated April 8, 2007, when 3,750 fans watched the DFB Cup semi-final between the SG Essen- Beautiful Beck and the FCR 2001 Duisburg.

Since the completion of the stadium eating the SG Essen- Beautiful Beck plays there, and not in the stadium on Hello.

Sports hall

In addition to the stadium, a sports hall was built, which offers 2586 spectators. Main users are the handball club TuSEM food and the basketball club ETB housing Baskets. On 3 May 2003, the hall was inaugurated by the Bundesliga match between TuSEM and GWD Minden.