Sports game

A sports simulation ( colloquially sports game ) is a video game genre where one or more players can practice a sport virtually. Meanwhile, there are several corresponding computer game counterparts for virtually any sport.

Deferrals to other genres

Early sports games, such as Pong, offered no realistic graphics output and therefore usually are considered games of skill.

To distinguish from the normal sports games are sports manager games that you can also count on economic simulations. So-called fighting games ( beat ' em ups ) form in contrast to Boxsimulationen own genre, as well as racing games, driving games, dance games, poker and computer chess.

In addition, there are also mini-games with sports content and partially overlaps with other genres.

Historical Overview

The first sports game, and also one of the first computer games ever was, 1958 Tennis for Two. In the 1970s, followed also text-based games, and in 1972 the famous Pong and other arcade games, still partially in black / white and from a bird's perspective.

In the early 1980s, home computers and game consoles increasingly appeared, there was an abundance of various sports games. Popular computer games often corresponded to the popular sports such as football, tennis or athletics. Similarly, there was now the possibility to imitate unusual, rare or elite sports.

Most sports games were played in pairs, later it was also multi-player adapter. In many games, one or more computer opponents can be selected, so that can be played alone.

At major sporting events such as the Olympic Games and various world championships, often appear appropriate video games.

Since 1993 license games appear under the label of EA Sports ( Electronic Arts ), which still dominate the market.

Are very popular trend sports such as skateboarding and fun games for example, with Mario today.

2006 saw Wii Sports, which is attached to the Wii console. Using the Nunchuk controller and the motion sensors contained therein can correct movements are executed in place of the usual operation by controller, joystick, mouse or keyboard.


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