Chanting is speaking or singing the song approximate approximate speech.

In a broader sense, each hybrid can be considered as Chanting, for example, the babbling Parlando or the recitative in opera and cantata. Also about the psalmody in liturgical chant, or Betruf on the Alps.

However, the chanting in the strict sense presupposes a strong separation between singing and spoken literature lecture, as they have only been in modern times. The ancient poetry, even the presentation of the epic were, however, still seen as singing. - The modern chant thus assumes that there is a poetry that is not sung.

This chant as a means of artistic expression came at the end of the 19th century. He stands between the song and opera singing and the melodrama, was at the often recited in verse to music. Often Chanting is associated with an innovative musical notation. The speaking voice are musical parameters imposed as a rhythm or more or less exact pitches. Arnold Schoenberg ( Gurrelieder, Pierrot Lunaire ) or Alban Berg ( Wozzeck ) have demanded in their vocal works quite accurately quoted kind of chant. In the avant-garde music of the 20th century, there are numerous variants of the chant.

In modern popular music, chanting occurs mainly in hip-hop than rap, related forms and Toasting Raggamuffin.

Many chansonniers respectively. Singer songwriter build into their songs a spoken passages. Such speeches are recorded also found in Oberkrainerbesetzung style and popular hits collection. Another variation is a spoken monologue, which is accompanied with a simple melody.