The Société des Automobiles Anynome Springuel was a Belgian manufacturer of automobiles from Huy.

Company History

1902 Jules Springuel - Wilmotte began with the construction of prototypes. It was not until 1907 he founded the Société des Automobiles Anynome Springuel. 1920 production ended.

Rolling stock

By 1910, the first production model, the 24/30 CV, which was powered by a four-cylinder engine with 3770 cc and was offered among others in the Body Double Phaeton emerged. 1908 ³ capacity were the two four-cylinder models with 16 CV 3054 cc and 28/35 CV 4589 cm so. Was published in 1911, the Model 12 CV with 2121 cc capacity. In 1912 came the merger with the rival imperialists, and Jules Springuel - Wilmotte was director of Imperia. The models of Springuel Henceforth marketed as Springuel - Imperia. From 1913 until the outbreak of the Second World War was the offer of the following five models:

In 1920, some 18/24 CV were still assembled from existing parts.