Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Mission 3D ( Original title: Spy Kids 3 -D: Game Over ) is an American action film by director Robert Rodriguez from 2003, while the third film of the Spy Kids film series. He is a co- production of Dimension Films, Los Hooligans Productions and Troublemaker Studios, distributed by Buena Vista International and came on 25 July 2003 in the U.S. and on 5 February 2004 in the German cinemas.


Actually, June Cortez wanted to withdraw from the life as a secret agent. But then the U.S. President Devlin asks him for a new mission. He is to penetrate into the virtual video game Game Over and prevent it takes possession of the worldwide players. Furthermore, caught his sister Carmen in the game and June have no choice but to accept the job and rescue his sister. It must also prevent it from the inventor of the game, Toymaker, who is trapped in his own game manages to free himself. Yet his grandfather, who in the game can walk again and has a score to settle with the Toymaker helps him. Supposedly also a pretty girl is a help in the June immediately falls in love, but after he has his sister Carmen freed with a little help of the Toymakers, this clears the swindle. At the end of the Toymaker is still free and the grandfather has to help, because he knows the Toymaker after an earlier accident.

Technical Aspect

As 3D camera recording process, the Reality Camera by James Cameron for the IMAX 3D documentary Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) used 3- D system was used, but has been projected differently. While Cameron began for the polarization method to allow a colored impression Rodriguez's film was with anaglyph red / cyan glasses presented, which leaves a true color, but qualitatively weaker 3D effect in the final result.


  • The shooting of the film began with a budget of about 39 million U.S. dollars on 10 December 2002 in Austin and was completed in April 2003.
  • The special effects are the Members of the KNB Effects Group, CIS Hollywood, Hybrid Technologies, Jani Mation and Troublemaker Digital Studios.
  • In guest appearances, George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Bill Paxton, Steve Buscemi and Elijah Wood are to be seen, all of which have already appeared in other film by Robert Rodriguez.


" Another infusion of the Spy -Kid- history as a 3D version, which falls most by their complex production process out of the frame, as the overall design of the film was created on the computer. Only the nonchalant guest appearances of famous stars stay a little stick while you forget the loose sequence of ( game ) episodes quickly. "


  • 2004: Golden Raspberry for Sylvester Stallone as " Worst Supporting Actor "
  • 2004: ASCAP Award in the category "Top Box Office Films" for Robert Rodriguez